Storytelling as inspiration

I remember listening to my dad tell stories.

On long car rides to see the grandparents, I'd stare out the window while exit signs and mile markers faded from view and found myself fighting in the shade with Leonidas, filling Odysseus's ears with wax, and wondering why Achilles didn't think to cover his ankles.

As an adult, I continue to find myself drawn, in childlike wonderment, to fantasy literature, television, and games.

Much like the memories I have as a little girl on those road trips, the real world slips away the moment I sit down at the wheel.

I transform into a small forest gnome who harvests clay from the earth with her best mouse friend and spins it into food safe wares that she barters for goods every other Saturday in the town center.

I strive to make the world a better place by sharing the joy and wonder that I find hidden in its smallest corners. Inspired by animal friendships, the magic of the forest floor, and the whimsy of my imagination, I make pottery for the modern elf, witch, and fairy.